Hi, I'm Caitlin

I’m a Kansas City-based creative ready to help bring your project needs to life! I’ve been working in a creative role for more than 7 years. I started my career in 2017 at a local community church as a Communications Director, then went on to other director positions where I oversaw and created a wide range of projects. In 2021 I decided to venture off and start freelancing. 

Print lights my fire, there’s just something about having a good design in my hand or physically seeing it with my own eyes, that makes me light up inside. Though print is kind of my jam, my skills as a digital designer are pretty savvy too. I have a passion for good design regardless of medium. From brochures to brand identity, websites to experiential, I’ve done it all.  


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Let's Get A Little Personal

When I’m away from my screen you’ll probably find me spending time with my husband, family, friends, and my little four-legged fur baby, Benji. Or you might spot me on the soccer pitch either playing or coaching, dabbling in photography, or trying to learn more Spanish so I can speak (and understand) it fluently. I love being outside soaking up the warmth of the sun, traveling to new places both near and abroad seeking new adventures and seeing what the world has to offer, and creating colorful flavor-exploding masterpieces in the kitchen, well… maybe not masterpieces, but you get the gist.